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Have you ever been doing something non computer related and still, instictively and in vain, wanted to UNDO?
In noncomputer - asked by johncurrandavis - 1 answer
i want to more about algorithm. i also need a site where i can get worked problems on algorithm.
In computer, algorithm - asked by asejik - 1 answer
Is there something I can download to my computer so when I type it sounds like a typewriter?
In computer - asked by Maygs - 3 answers
Lazarus pascal dialog help needed
In computer, programming, pascal - asked by (Guest30363) - 1 answer
What was the name of the idiot who swapped the z and y characters on the German keyboard?
In computer, keyboard, history - asked by - 5 answers
Is using copyright images in my free game OK if I cite what I got them from?
In image, game, computer - asked by (Guest30205) - 2 answers
my computer wont let me sign in to bebo? it keeps cumin up "page cannot be displayed" HELP!
In computer - asked by - 5 answers
What tip would you add to these for the basic computer user?
In tips, basic, computer - asked by xoloriib - 2 answers
Is it cheaper to turn a computer on and off or put it on standby?
In computer - asked by - 4 answers
Urgent Help need please from any computer buffs?
In general, trojan, computer - asked by reactivated - 1 answer
what is the most popular programming language?
In software, computer, programming - asked by (Guest29861) - 2 answers
What has been the most used programming language in the world?
In software, computer, programming - asked by (Guest29861) - 3 answers
What does Wireless Freedom mean on a printer
In computer - asked by Ashton37 - 2 answers
Unknown USB Device.
In Unknown, usb input, computer - asked by scouter4 - 2 answers
Has anyone ever built an 'antishredder', to put those torn pieces of paper together again?
In engineering, computer, society - asked by - 4 answers
Is there a key to type 3/4 (three quarters) without having to type "3 slash 4" ?
In pc, computer - asked by - 5 answers
My fujitsu siemens amilo m 1420 laptop does not work wirelessly for internet access.
In computers, computer problem, laptop computer - asked by karlwebb - 2 answers
where is the @ symbol on an american keyboard
In computer - asked by (Guest29616) - 2 answers
computing problem.
In computer, money, ebay - asked by scouter4 - 3 answers
hi.would like to ask how can i connect a pcmcia card like pldt we roam to a laptop with no pcmcia slot but has usb ports ?
In computer - asked by (Guest29486) - 1 answer
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