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I am off on holiday soon and I'm a tad confused!
In flights, hand luggage, totally confused - asked by - 5 answers
I bought an item on ebay and paid by paypal. The item was faulty so the seller has issued a refund.
In paypal, refund, confused - asked by will_it_work - 2 answers
numbness on left side of my body .. totally confused!!!
In medical problems, confused, scared - asked by - 2 answers
I'm Confused.....see below
In jokes, confused - asked by pauliestpoopiest - 2 answers
why is Gina deactivated?
In confused - asked by hdtg - 2 answers
can anyone explain to me what on earth is going on with that robot dog on the ford fiesta adverts ? more below
In confused - asked by mikey33 - 3 answers
How do you include video in your answers?
In video, answers, confused - asked by warriorprincessxena1 - 3 answers
what defines something as a cake instead of a biscuit ? more below
In confused - asked by - 5 answers
Hi a q for a moderator I think, though if anyone else knows feel free to chip in
In Help, confused, IQ - asked by hdtg - 2 answers
Feeling trapped...
In confused, help, trapped - asked by - 8 answers
when i was in a car with my mum a car overtook us at about 100mph to which my mum said bloody idiots they wont get there any quicker how thick is that
In confused - asked by - 8 answers
if someone attempts to commit suicide by takeing a load of anti depressants surely they would feel better after the first 2
In confused - asked by - 4 answers
Can I connect my 149 gig psv onto my psd - if so, will it effect the hard drive?
In electronic, technology, confused - asked by Candy.DeRun - 2 answers
a lady of the night said she would do anything i wanted her to do for £40.00, so i gave her the money and told her to tile my bathroom, is she contractly obliged to do so?
In confused - asked by - 5 answers
if i ate a laxative and a diacalm at the same time which 1 would win
In confused - asked by - 4 answers
Tears or Tears?
In labels, confused - asked by athenabs13ohe - 3 answers
what do you think
In im so confused - asked by - 3 answers
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