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What do members feel about proposals to change human organ donation from an opt in to an opt out process?
In organ donation, medicine, consent - asked by - 12 answers
If the planning department of the local council give you written permission to have double glazing in a listed building could the listed building department overturn this decision after they are installed?
In law, Listed building consent, general knowledge - asked by Topaz2308 - 2 answers
I live in a listed building and have asked the council if I can replace sash windows with UPVC sash windows. This was turned down, but they have since told next door that they can do this. Are they within legal rights to decline one but allow the other?
In Listed building consent, sash windows, upvc - asked by Ondreya - 1 answer
moving to live in france with daughter need consent form from other parent
In travel consent - asked by jbrierley - 2 answers
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