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is the debt still enforcable?
In legal advice, debt - asked by (Guest31049) - 1 answer
National Dedt, who does our government actually owe.
In debt, government policies - asked by - 4 answers
How does bankruptcy work?
In bankruptcy, debt - asked by sheps101 - 2 answers
Are students all lazy?
In students, loan, debt - asked by - 8 answers
what does bankruptcy mean to "normal" people?
In bankruptcy, debt, money - asked by beeper_spryte - 2 answers
can a creditor apply interest without giving notice?
In creditors debt - asked by reecy85 - 2 answers
can i take my ex to court for debt he left us in?
In help, Council Tax, debt - asked by erh1980 - 1 answer
My dad left debt with a credit card company who say that my brother is responsible to pay it. He has no estate and NO savings..please help? Legally were do we stand? (uk)
In debt - asked by - 7 answers
a friend of mine has letters going to her brothers,
In law, debt, baliffs - asked by louisewitch - 1 answer
how do i take my name off a loan agreement?
In law, debt, loans - asked by - 4 answers
Are you a "keeping up with the Jones'" sort of person , you're not interested in material things, or are you someone that other people try to "keep up with"?.....
In people, possessions, debt - asked by - 14 answers
how can i find financial support or advice to help me out of the debts ive occured.i dont have a morgage nor do i have loans or credit cards.
In financial support, debt, loans - asked by (Guest26118) - 1 answer
If a former co-tenant owes me money for bills paid and won't pay, is there anything I can actually do about it?
In money, debt, law - asked by - 6 answers
Are there more people in debt or credit in the UK?
In money, debt, credit - asked by duffield1 - 3 answers
What's the best debt management company to ask for help?
In debt, money problems - asked by - 6 answers
5 yrs ago told csa payments had ceased, now told in arrears of £1000.00. Do we still need to pay, should debt be wiped as children now 22 & 20.
In help, Arrears, wipe debt - asked by (Guest23874) - 2 answers
how long do debt stand on cred cards and loan do they not expire after so many years?
In debt - asked by (Guest21650) - 2 answers
is there a specific period that the VAT need to give you to pay of a debt if you have a business plan specifying how you plan to do it
In VAT, arrears, debt - asked by (Guest21075) - 1 answer
what are the uk laws recovering debt in the republic of ireland
In debt, laws - asked by waylonjohns - 4 answers
legislation on dept
In debt, government legislation - asked by (Guest13160) - 3 answers
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