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what are the methods of working which facilitate the resolution of conflicts in dementia care
In care, dementia, nvq healthcare - asked by zwinger - 2 answers
how do social and economical circumstances make an impact on on someones social care, well being and chances in life?
In healthcare provision, social care, dementia - asked by zwinger - 2 answers
what theories are there on how power and influence can be used and abused when developing and reviewing care plans in dementia care?
In dementia, care, care plans - asked by zwinger - 1 answer
Is there a difference between Altzheimers and dementia?
In health, altzheimers, dementia - asked by duffield1 - 1 answer
My grandma is going through memory loss and mum is trying to cope with caring for her. Grandma has it in her head that she has a young daughter and asks where she is and is in a state. Do we let her believe it or deter her from it. Help
In medical, dementia - asked by - 4 answers
examples of current legislation that is relevant to an individual with dementia
In care, dementia - asked by (Guest8596) - 2 answers
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