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My son has had tramline braces fitted recently but does anyone know if the wax used to stop them rubbing is edible?
In dentistry, health, general knowledge - asked by Topaz2308 - 2 answers
How much does it cost for Dental Treatment for a pensioner.
In dentistry - asked by (Guest29952) - 2 answers
If a gum abscess bursts but we can't have an emergency dental appointment until tomorrow what things can we do to help in the meantime?
In dentistry, general question, health - asked by - 5 answers
Are dental implants available on the NHS?
In Dental implants, dental health, dentistry - asked by (Guest27801) - 1 answer
For antiseptic qualities is a salt mouthwash or a antiseptic mouthwash more benefical?
In dentistry, salt water, mouthwash - asked by Topaz2308 - 2 answers
Where can i find a good site that gives me info on dental implants? Its not for me ! my teeth are perfect! ( Honest )
In dentistry - asked by andy711 - 2 answers
How long would you wait before......................?
In dentistry, pain, toothache - asked by - 5 answers
a dental sedation question.
In dental, dentistry, sedation - asked by agentju90 - 1 answer
When were fillings invented?
In history, teeth, dentistry - asked by - 3 answers
When you've had your gums anaesthetised for dental work, why does your face feel huge?
In dentistry, nerves - asked by Hiheels - 3 answers
I have to go to the dentist. I know I need treatment. i.e. drilling or extraction. I am v.v.v.v.v.phobic. What's the best way to get through it?
In health, dentistry, phobias - asked by - 7 answers
What POM drugs are legally allowed to be prescribed by a dentist??
In medicine, drugs, dentistry - asked by westsidecity - 1 answer
tools to clean teeth at home in private
In dentistry - asked by (Guest11379) - 2 answers
Why do people have two sets of teeth?
In medicine, Science, dentistry - asked by - 5 answers
Why might someone's teeth be sensitive to sweet foods?
In sugar, teeth, dentistry - asked by Baobab2090 - 2 answers
What are the causes and symptoms of toothache?
In toothache, teeth, dentistry - asked by ndm20 - 1 answer
How much should I expect to pay for a dental filling in the UK?
In dental, filling, dentistry - asked by kimphilby - 2 answers
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