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Other than practicalities, if a couple is told that any future children are likely to be born with severe learning difficulties, but they still try and succeed in getting pregnant, is that purely at their discretion?
In ethics, children, disabilities - asked by - 5 answers
How do practices in care reflect on national and organisational requirements in relation to multi agency working? What barriers are there to partnership working
In mental health, learning disabilities - asked by zorb - 1 answer
three things that would be unacceptable in your relationship with those you support in learning disabilities
In ladaff, learning disabilities, support worker - asked by flukey74 - 1 answer
discuss attitudes and approaches that will specifically help you to work in partnership with others who are involved with learning disabilities
In partnership, learning disabilities, working together - asked by flukey74 - 6 answers
explain what is meant by a resource difficulty
In learning disabilities - asked by flukey74 - 2 answers
Re Minxy1 question about disabilities, that disabilties should be taught in schools, reason below, what do you think?
In general knowledge, teaching, disabilities - asked by - 4 answers
where would i find materials lessons activities worksheets to children with mental handicap and incapable
In education, help, disabilities - asked by (Guest26470) - 2 answers
what are islamic views on womens rights, and rights of people with disabilities?
In islam, women, disabilities - asked by (Guest22496) - 2 answers
How do you describe a sound to a deaf person?
In disabilities - asked by - 6 answers
Do blind people make better musicians?
In music, disabilities, occupations - asked by - 4 answers
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