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Q6 A signal source V s is injected into a very long transmission line, where the distance x km along the line and the signal attenuation is expressed as:
In Math, engineering, science - asked by (Guest30982) - 1 answer
how to be a voulenteer engineer, in third world countries
In charity work, volanteer, engineering - asked by - 4 answers
in what ways do we apply fluid mechanics in civil engineering
In engineering - asked by (Guest10279) - 2 answers
what are the impotance of soil to the civil engineer
In civil engineering - asked by asejik - 2 answers
How long before we see purple tomatos in the shops?
In Tomato, genetic engineering, Fruit - asked by - 4 answers
example of part of a car made from ferrous alloy,non ferrous alloy,a thermoplastic material,a thermosetting plastic material,an amorphous ceramic,a bonded clay ceramic,a sintered material,a thermosetting plastic composite an elastomer composite material
In engineering - asked by (Guest30014) - 2 answers
can you tell me the different materials used in different cars parts
In engineering - asked by (Guest30014) - 1 answer
At some point in the 19th century they managed to link Britain and America by telegraph cable - how on earth did they manage it?
In history, engineering, communication - asked by - 4 answers
Has anyone ever built an 'antishredder', to put those torn pieces of paper together again?
In engineering, computer, society - asked by - 4 answers
Why does compressed air burn better?
In airplane, engineering, physics - asked by Poindexter - 3 answers
What do process engineerers do?
In process engineering, design build, manufacturing - asked by georgebizpro - 2 answers
What is an example of Nanotechnology?
In science, engineering, design process - asked by usain2010 - 2 answers
How to find the weight of concrete before and after setting?
In civil engineering - asked by (Guest29525) - 2 answers
What is done during a bridge assessment?
In engineering, construction, structural engineering - asked by georgebizpro - 1 answer
What do companies do to start manufacturing?
In engineering, manufacturing, business - asked by - 2 answers
Process engineering services?
In engineering, process engineering, manufacturing - asked by wonthedublein08 - 1 answer
How can I heat a long thin profiled blade for carving expanded polystyrene
In Science, electricity, engineering - asked by - 1 answer
A local primary school is constructing new buildings in the school grounds. You need to prepare a presentation that explains what will be happening (as if you were presenting to the children), including the following:1. the resources that will be needed
In civil engineering - asked by (Guest29014) - 1 answer
future of Programmable logic controllers?
In Programming, Electrical, engineering - asked by eightbitbill - 1 answer
Is Rodman Casting still used?
In engineering, manufacturing, products - asked by blacksmith81 - 1 answer
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