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i,ve just had to have my dog put to sleep because of illness, when i fetched him back to bury him his eyes were open it really upset me, is this a natural process?
In dogs, die, eyes - asked by - 3 answers
How on earth are stereograms made? Who first discovered how to make them?
In Stereograms, 3D effects, eyes - asked by imfeduptoo - 2 answers
How often should you have an eye test?
In eyes - asked by - 4 answers
If beauty is only skin deep, does it follow that pretty people are more thick skinned?
In beauty, beholders eyes, what lies beneath - asked by - 5 answers
Why is it that we can make our eyes cross-eyed, but we can't turn them both outwards at the same time?
In eyes - asked by rainchild - 2 answers
What vitamin / mineral is missing from your diet if ordinary light hurts your eyes? What foods will remedy the situation?
In eyes, light, hurt - asked by xoloriib - 2 answers
What in their structures makes a dominant gene different from a recessive one?
In genetics, blue eyes, brown eyes - asked by jeannebaxter - 1 answer
Why does the muscle in my left upper eyelid keep twitching?
In muscle, eyes - asked by minx_24.nik - 3 answers
is it a myth that when you die, the last thing you see is stored on your retina?
In biology, eyes, myths - asked by - 5 answers
Is there any purpose in the irises of eyes being coloured?
In biology, eyes, colour - asked by - 4 answers
my eye muscle right at the end of my eyebrow is twitching almost non-stop. what does that mean?
In muscle, eyes, medical question - asked by - 5 answers
What could be the causes of spontaneous occurence of cataracts in both eyes of a one year old?
In medical, babies, eyes - asked by duffield1 - 2 answers
If your eyeballs were specified like camera lenses what would the specifications be? (Aperture, depth of field, focal length, angle of view etc)
In eyes, photography, lenses - asked by spampot - 1 answer
What colour eyes do you find the most attractive?
In eyes - asked by - 9 answers
Why do our eyes stay open when we die?
In Death, eyes, open - asked by - 6 answers
The first telescope produced an inverted image - could it have been correct and human eyes have always shown things upside down?
In reality, images, eyes - asked by Candy.DeRun - 3 answers
What do you think happened to cause this woman's eyes to change this way?
In protruding eyes - asked by - 4 answers
My eyes change colour depending on mood, from blue to green to grey do your eyes change colour?
In eyes, colour, changes - asked by - 11 answers
Do you believe the eyes are the window to the soul?
In Window, eyes, soul - asked by - 5 answers
How is it possible that cats happen to have eyes of different colour?
In animals, cats, eyes - asked by Ingrid75 - 2 answers
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