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What things make you feel your age, or just plain old?
In feeling, old, age - asked by - 9 answers
Isn't love irrelevant?
In love, feeling, blind - asked by - 8 answers
Do yu follow your gut instict?
In hair, instinct, feeling - asked by - 5 answers
is there any feeling in the world better then getting into a freshley made bed
In ahh, feeling - asked by - 13 answers
Have you ever looked at what somebody was wearing and thought 'I wonder what that feels like'? Why?
In clothing, hedonism, feeling - asked by - 4 answers
Have you ever felt like you were floggin' a dead horse? What made you feel that way?
In time wasting, feeling, circumstances - asked by - 3 answers
Do you have a certain ritual that you do regularly every Christmas?
In Christmas Day, ritual, special feeling - asked by - 10 answers
If it was 15 C [59 F] would you feel cold?
In temperature, worldwide, feeling - asked by - 11 answers
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