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What is a Friend for your opinion?
In friend, love and life - asked by - 4 answers
Does anyone know anything about the promotion expences of Web-Kare - Virtual Boyfriends Social Network wich is launched in Japan on 11 Sep.?
In Web Kare, Virtual Boyfriend, s Social Network - asked by hracho - 2 answers
Romantic gesture - for free?
In money, romance, girlfriend - asked by Maygs - 3 answers
How do I tell my mom that I am dating a 27 year old, when I am only 18? She and I are very close, what do I do?
In older boyfriend, inform, older - asked by - 7 answers
Have you ever had a penfriend? Someone you were not related to whom you wrote letters by mail. How long did you write for?
In penfriend, writing, time - asked by xoloriib - 3 answers
how do i know if a guy likes me
In boyfriend - asked by (Guest28377) - 2 answers
Does this really turn guys on?
In boyfriend - asked by - 8 answers
what is a good way to motivate one self to a higher education
In friend, family, concern - asked by lovedog_49507 - 1 answer
Now the dreams are getting even weirder..
In Recurring Dreams, Love, Girlfriend - asked by Lake_Filter - 3 answers
Continued from my last question, I made contact to the girl in my dream, shoul I try to make a move with her?
In Dream, Girlfriend, Love - asked by - 5 answers
What is the best thing to do if you've just realized that the reason why you girlfriend is dating you is because she's waiting for her crush to break up with his girlfriend?
In Love, Girlfriend, cheating - asked by - 12 answers
How could you love someone for loving you in your dream?
In Dream, Love, Girlfriend - asked by - 6 answers
how does it feel when you realize that your best friend is getting jealous of you?
In friendship, jealousy, friend - asked by - 6 answers
My girlfriend phones me 24/7 how can i tell her to stop without offending her?
In Relationship, girlfriend - asked by - 4 answers
how can i get my boyfriend to stop drinking
In drinking, boyfriend - asked by - 3 answers
how can I find a friend who has moved to turkey
In turkey, emigrated, friend - asked by (Guest19862) - 2 answers
What is a true friend?
In School, friend - asked by Ebygum2 - 3 answers
Ok what do you guys think fiance living with another girl?
In girlfriend, wife, boyfriend - asked by - 6 answers
If you were adopted then found out that your birth mother was alcoholic, and you had a drink problem yourself (would you think it was heredity) spelt wrong i think!
In help for a friend - asked by - 6 answers
What is best present fo you ?
In present, friend, boss - asked by - 8 answers
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