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Is it acceptable to.................
In opinion, gay, relationships - asked by - 14 answers
Is being Gay a choice, or is it the way you are born and inescapable?
In relationships, acceptance, gay - asked by - 6 answers
as see the engländere homosexual? is a taboo topic?
In England, gay - asked by kiro18 - 2 answers
What was the first film to feature same-sex relations?
In Films, gay, lesbian - asked by - 3 answers
Do gay men notice such things as women's cleavage and bottoms?
In gay, sexuality - asked by - 5 answers
why am I gay
In gay - asked by - 10 answers
did the phrase "drama queen" evolve from heterosexual or homosexual origins?
In drama queen, gay, straight - asked by beeper_spryte - 1 answer
is the singer pink gay
In gay - asked by (Guest24838) - 3 answers
Where has the word/phrase Homosphere come from? It be being used more and more by my gay friends
In gay, LGBT, lesbian - asked by (Guest23791) - 2 answers
is katie melua a lesbian
In gay - asked by (Guest20615) - 2 answers
I was just saying to my friend that there seem to be more openly gay men than openly gay women.
In gay, men, women - asked by - 12 answers
Did the name Enola Gay have a special meaning or something or was it just a random name?
In Enola gay - asked by alfrex - 2 answers
Is Richard Anold from The Planet's Funniest Animals gay?
In gay, celebrity, television - asked by zebrart - 1 answer
Would you wish to know if your adult offspring were gay?
In gay, relationships - asked by - 9 answers
Has there ever been a gay pope?
In pope, gay - asked by doktorflux - 1 answer
When, why and how did gay come about?
In gay, etymology - asked by ndm20 - 3 answers
When and where was the first acknowledged gay kiss between two men shown on television?
In gay, television, history - asked by skeuomorphicus - 2 answers
gay sports
In sport, gay, society - asked by nimicitor - 0 answers
When did 'gay' come to mean homosexual as well as happy?
In gay, word, meaning - asked by enola_gay - 2 answers
Why is the rainbow flag the symbol of the gay movement?
In gay, human rights - asked by oldauntie - 1 answer
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