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what is meant by "substantial accomplishment"
In general - asked by j_kindra - 3 answers
can you pass a lie detector, and if so how?
In lie, triva, general - asked by jordy8511 - 1 answer
what do you value the most in your life and why?
In general - asked by - 7 answers
There is a question...
In general - asked by Drackon - 2 answers
Has Texting on mobiles and MSN ruined the written capactity of today's youth?
In general, kids, language - asked by - 3 answers
Who watched David Blane hold his breath?
In tv, general, magic - asked by dragon_boots - 3 answers
Why do we worry so much?
In trivia, general, worry - asked by - 6 answers
What does the Paymaster General do?
In politics, paymaster, general - asked by aguirre - 1 answer
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