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According to folklore, if you're being haunted by the ghost of someone you've killed, is there a way of getting rid of it?
In folklore, ghosts, movies - asked by vultan - 2 answers
Have you had any ghostly experiences?
In ghosts - asked by - 4 answers
Have you seen or do you believe in ghost animals ?
In ghosts, animals - asked by - 9 answers
Are any of the ghostly phenomena allegedly experienced at Borley Rectory thought to be genuine (by people who believe in such things)?
In history, ghosts, fraud - asked by vultan - 1 answer
Given that parapsychology is the study of the unexplained, are there any rules which are considered pretty much hard and fast when it comes to ghosts?
In paranormal, ghosts - asked by - 6 answers
how much is truth about these ghosts on earth? do they really exist?
In supernatural, ghosts, mystery - asked by - 7 answers
Where can i buy the full Most Haunted Pendle Hill October 2004 investigation on DVD?
In most haunted, ghosts, television - asked by alexis101 - 2 answers
Can dogs see ghost's?
In ghosts, dogs - asked by - 9 answers
Do you believe in ghosts?
In ghosts, spirits, belief - asked by - 11 answers
Do you belive in Mediums if so how do they work if not why?
In Mediums, paranormal, ghosts - asked by - 4 answers
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