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How much does bad grammar get on your nerves on iQ?
In grammar, accuracy, standards - asked by - 17 answers
Grammar question
In grammar, plural, singular - asked by vultan - 3 answers
Can anyone pin a CONCRETE definition on 'Reference Time'
In linguistics, grammar, english - asked by mdj20 - 1 answer
are brits as aware of grammar as they should be?
In grammar, teaching, awareness - asked by - 6 answers
Can an emotion exist without a being to feel it, and can typographical accents exist without a letter to influence?
In lauguage, grammar, accents - asked by duffield1 - 2 answers
The mystery of the missing gerund - why has DANCING become DANCE?
In English, language, grammar - asked by - 2 answers
What are words called that end in "ing" please?
In english grammar - asked by imfeduptoo - 1 answer
What qualifications does your staff have?
In grammar - asked by (Guest26045) - 1 answer
How and when did ye/thy/thine become you/your/yours, whereas me/my/mine have survived?
In IQ, general knowledge, grammar - asked by - 3 answers
Is the correct English grammar an 'hotel or a hotel?
In english grammar - asked by - 5 answers
what do "ex" and "non" at the beginning of a word mean?
In grammar - asked by (Guest19235) - 1 answer
I was thought in school, never to start a sentence with “But” or “And”. Does this rule still apply?
In English grammar - asked by - 6 answers
The English language has changed a great deal over the last few hundred years and will continue to change. do you think it changes because someone thinks of a better way to say or spell something or is it because people get sloppier with their grammar an
In English, grammar - asked by - 5 answers
Has the word 'whom' disappeared from English usage? Is using it fast becoming an archaic affectation?
In grammar, english, english language - asked by - 9 answers
Does anyone know why Capn. Kirk always split his infinitive at the start of every episode?
In star trek, English, grammar - asked by - 9 answers
Which of these sentences is grammatically correct ? i.e. should the abbreviation be "a" or "an" ?
In grammar - asked by (Guest14309) - 2 answers
Do you think that we are as good at utilising grammar these days as the educated people of say 100 years ago?
In grammar - asked by - 7 answers
what is the syllable on which the main stress is placed in a word?
In grammar - asked by - 4 answers
Is a past tense form like "wanted" a case of inflection or just plain suffix? An ING-Form like "waiting", too?
In grammar - asked by doktorflux - 2 answers
Could you please define and describe the rhetorical figure known as parallelism please.
In linguistics, language, grammar - asked by mdj20 - 2 answers
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