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What is generally accepted to be the most reproduced photograph of all time?
In photographs, famous - asked by - 8 answers
After a digital photograph has been transfered to a PC, is there a way to reduce the MB size of each photograph without reducing or cropping the picture?
In photographs - asked by - 5 answers
what is copyright law on painting from photographs?
In copyright, painting, photographs - asked by (Guest23321) - 1 answer
I have noticed alot of sports pictures that have been doctored where within a picture a certain feature is in colour and the rest is in black and white. What is this called and how is it done?
In Art, photographs, editing - asked by (Guest10905) - 3 answers
Gloss or Matt??
In photography, photographs - asked by - 5 answers
What do you call those boards by the seaside that you stick your head through for a photograph? Does anyone know where I can download some images of these boards from?
In Seaside, Photographs, Cut Out - asked by jjtoogood - 9 answers
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