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Could a flare gun be used as a weapon? How close would the assailant have to be to his intended victim to inflict injury or worse?
In gun, flare, weapon - asked by xoloriib - 2 answers
This has probably been asked before but after the recent wave of gun activity think it should be raised again: Should all our police officers carry guns?
In gun, Crime, Protection - asked by - 7 answers
Would you purchase a bullet proof back pack for your children under the present circumstances re deaths by guns etc?
In gun, safety, generalknowledge - asked by warriorprincessxena1 - 3 answers
What are effective ways of stopping gun crime?
In gun, crime, prevention - asked by Baobab2090 - 3 answers
Will america ever tighten its gun laws?
In gun, law, america - asked by Atlantis_device - 1 answer
How easy is it to buy a gun in the USA?
In gun, USA, buying - asked by enola_gay - 1 answer
Have there ever been any light-gun games made that rival duck hunt?
In duck hunt, light gun, game - asked by Baobab2090 - 1 answer
the oldest gunpower guns
In gun, middle east - asked by Gigaroth - 2 answers
How many guns are thought to be illegally owned in the UK?
In gun, uk, illegal - asked by enola_gay - 1 answer
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