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how much sandstone was used to build liverpool anglican cathedral
In history - asked by (Guest30142) - 0 answers
In Ballroom Dancing why in most of the dances does the ladies head have to face the opposing direction to her partner?
In ballroom dancing, history, getting jiggy with it - asked by Topaz2308 - 0 answers
Who was the first man born in China to win a gold medal in the Olympics?
In olympics, history - asked by jimmygyuma - 0 answers
when the guildford 4 were released from prison in 1989 after having their convictions overturned, where any charges bought against inspector robert nixon who allowed them to remain in prison eeven though he knew they were innocent ?
In history - asked by mikey33 - 0 answers
Why do the British Armed Forces still maintain bases in Germany?
In military, history, germany - asked by Poindexter - 0 answers
The Royal Mint is issuing a £2 coin today, to commemorate which hiostorical event?
In money, history, general knowledge - asked by Eggyfartz - 0 answers
Ideas such as " popular sovereignty" and natural rights" seem to fit the american form of government. these ideas were first introduced to the american colonists by?
In American history, social studies - asked by nene9thwd - 0 answers
Who wrote a novel about the English Civil War called (I think) 1647?
In literature and history - asked by (Guest5527) - 0 answers
What is the word for a Russian who is scared of China?
In history, russian, china - asked by LuciusRegalis - 0 answers
What is the Archimedes manuscript?
In archimedes, maths, history - asked by bengood4000 - 0 answers
When Did Clothes Rationing End in Britain?
In history, war, Britain - asked by Drackon - 0 answers
Where did salsa dancing come from?
In dance, salsa, history - asked by whiskeygirl - 0 answers
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