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Apparently, as today is Blue Monday, 22% of the workforce will fail to turn up for work, today. How accurate can this be?
In illness, blue monday - asked by - 4 answers
Are Mumps and shingles dangerous during pregnancy?
In Medical, illness - asked by kimberley240605 - 2 answers
what's the chimera-syndrom?
In illness - asked by questionbag - 1 answer
How can I avoid illness?
In illness - asked by questionbag - 3 answers
why am i always suffering with a cold? and whats the best thing to finally get rid of it?
In illness, colds - asked by - 4 answers
Cough remedies?
In cough, illness, medicine - asked by - 10 answers
Does anyone know of any cure for 'Cyberchondria' ? - any link please as a neurotic character falls into a devasting obsession.
In Cyberchondria, illness - asked by Leohuberh - 2 answers
what is making my daughter so ill
In illness, medical, mystery - asked by - 4 answers
why do voices deepen when we're ill?
In illness, health, biology - asked by beeper_spryte - 1 answer
how is pain measured? does the pain experienced by a small child compare equally to the pain experienced by an adult?
In illness, pain, comparisons - asked by beeper_spryte - 1 answer
what's the best thing to do to combat the effects of being on antibiotics?
In antibiotics, illness, health - asked by - 7 answers
When should carers stop caring?
In death, mental illness, stigma - asked by - 7 answers
Is it possible to catch more than one cold?
In illness, colds - asked by - 4 answers
When you have a cold, why do you feel cold?
In colds, illness, temperature - asked by duffield1 - 1 answer
Why was wine taken to alleviate mild illness/distress?
In Wine, illness, history - asked by Alba726 - 2 answers
Does Altzheimers affect only the recall of information?
In health, illness, alzheimers - asked by duffield1 - 3 answers
Can you do something to help? Our daughter has a serious heart and lung condition the Hospice she goes to needs help... in return I'm giving away all my credits to a randomly chosen few people - depending on how many take part - please help us to help...
In Charity, Childrens care, childrens illness - asked by Russel.West - 4 answers
Is there any way to entice a cold to come out of hiding?
In cold, flu, illness - asked by - 4 answers
my two year olds palms ahve gone red, she has high temp and a cold?? what could this be?? any advice?? Thanks
In childrens illness - asked by (Guest27135) - 2 answers
my doberman has just came into her first season at 7months old. but she seems un well. and has been sick and her matter is very runny. what do i do?
In dog illness - asked by (Guest26684) - 2 answers
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