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Why is it that intelligence is dependant on the ratio of brain to body mass rather than purely on brain size?
In Brains, size, intelligence - asked by - 4 answers
Is hayfever really the infliction of the mega intelligent?
In hayfever, intelligence - asked by - 8 answers
Who said and what is the correct quotation that refers to people being educated, but not enough to think for themselves? It (I think) was someone's doctrine.
In Quotations, intelligence, education - asked by Hiheels - 1 answer
Can cells 'think'?
In Life, Cells, intelligence - asked by - 4 answers
Is there any relationship between language learning and intelligence?
In languages, intelligence, learning - asked by robinsamuels - 1 answer
why do we need Celebrities today?
In celebrities, talent, intelligence - asked by - 6 answers
What could have caused the human brain to grow larger, make us more intelligent and give us the ability to to think abstractly?
In humans, intelligence - asked by - 8 answers
So how come so many intelligent people are so explosive ?
In temper, intelligence - asked by - 7 answers
Accurate *FREE* IQ test?
In IQ, mensa, intelligence - asked by Sr2k5 - 2 answers
What can I do to make myself appear more intelligent?
In intelligence, perception - asked by - 7 answers
Is intelligence a justifiable reason for hosting a chat show?
In tv shows, intelligence, interest - asked by - 5 answers
Do you believe that children have an inate knowledge of the technology of their age?
In intelligence, wombs, abilities - asked by - 4 answers
Criminals or police, who are the more intelligent? Do police have to be smarter than criminals in order to catch them?
In intelligence, criminality, policing - asked by - 5 answers
Video reply question : how clever are Americans? Is anyone else smarter?
In video, smartness, intelligence - asked by xoloriib - 2 answers
It's so easy to look up any kind of information on the internet so we are all probably a lot more knowledgeable than we used to be, but does this facility stifle original thought?
In intelligence, ideas - asked by - 7 answers
Is reading speed directly related to intelligence?
In reading, reading speed, intelligence - asked by - 7 answers
Do you trhink that there are some people whocan't be trusted to have an opinion?
In people, opinions, intelligence - asked by - 6 answers
Is it really possible to eat to boost your brain power?
In brains, intelligence, food - asked by Topaz2308 - 2 answers
Do you find intelligence in the opposite sex appealing or a turn-off?
In perception, people, intelligence - asked by - 17 answers
how is vincent van gogh's IQ?
In history, intelligence - asked by (Guest26678) - 1 answer
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