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Who invented the Saxophone?
In music, inventor - asked by Russel.West - 3 answers
Who invented the rotary engine? What makes of motor vehicles use it?
In rotary engine, inventor, makes - asked by xoloriib - 2 answers
Who invented the first weight-loss diet? What was it?
In weight loss, diet, inventor - asked by xoloriib - 1 answer
Who invented the first ladies sanitary products?
In Sanitary, Ladies, inventor - asked by - 4 answers
inventor of a musical instrument you do not touch
In history, Science, inventor - asked by (Guest10343) - 2 answers
Was the inventor of braille blind?
In blind, inventor, ideas - asked by charmling - 2 answers
Is your life complete? I've just discoved that I have achieved the rank of the inventor of the Post-it note!
In inventor, life - asked by - 5 answers
The alaia and olo are ancient varieties but who, in 1926, revolutionised the industry?
In inventor, fun, history - asked by cairina.moschata - 1 answer
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