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What legal rights from the list below does not apply to teenagers in other parts of the UK at age 16?
In law, legal, age - asked by sheps101 - 0 answers
Is a company legally required to inform customers that they have overpaid?
In law, company law - asked by Phnee - 0 answers
is divorce breaking a (verbal) contract - as valid as any other commercial contract and if so is there a possibility of compensation to that effect, I know this sounds obvious but what if the children were only conceived due to that promise
In law - asked by (Guest26535) - 0 answers
What should the minimum distance be between two desks in an office that are back to back?
In law, desks, office - asked by sazemoo - 0 answers
what uk political party is the hardest against drugs?
In law, politics, drugs - asked by nimicitor - 0 answers
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