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what other old laws are enforced in this day and age
In old, laws, horse - asked by high1971 - 2 answers
What do the Australian Government think they are? Time Lords?
In crazy laws - asked by rainchild - 3 answers
In parking laws - asked by docson - 2 answers
when did homosexual acts between women become legal and what was the process of law that led to it?
In sexual equality, laws, history - asked by (Guest30400) - 1 answer
I'm trying to find a book on british law just basic law. anyone know of any good books?
In laws - asked by marge1983 - 1 answer
would i be allowed to stay in the philipines if i married someone there
In laws - asked by (Guest30204) - 1 answer
What is the status of a civil partnership couple?
In status, family, in laws - asked by - 4 answers
bonfire laws in hertfordshire? when, what and where is it legal to burn old timber doors and garden waste?
In law, bylaws, bonfire - asked by - 4 answers
I'm trying to find relevant regulations for installing a wood burning stove can anyone help?
In fireplace, rules and regulations, laws - asked by Topaz2308 - 1 answer
What in the Indian constitution is called the 52 second rule?
In laws - asked by cryptminder - 2 answers
Is it right that compensation for victims of rape can be reduced if alcohol consumption is a contributing factor?
In crime, compensation, laws - asked by - 6 answers
What would be possible reasons for not recognising the jurisdiction of a court? Would it be possible for example to say that the laws particular to that court are not freely published enough?
In court, jurisdiction, laws - asked by xoloriib - 1 answer
Can a US employer claim a lay off and then offer to rehire a former employee as an independent contractor without benefits?
In employment law, employment rights, labor laws - asked by - 5 answers
my own country
In country, own, laws - asked by - 4 answers
declaring former marriages
In legal, marriage laws, marriages - asked by (Guest29211) - 3 answers
What is the procedure for applying for permission to fly a jolly roger (just a little one)?
In planning, bylaws - asked by - 7 answers
when did it change that the royals in line for the throne can marry a commoner and not have to step out of intitlement like they always have had to do in the past, is this fair to the past royals
In current laws, monarchy - asked by (Guest29100) - 3 answers
I need some advice about my daughter's job.
In work, laws, general knowledge - asked by - 7 answers
Descibe in deatil with use of key cases what is meant by multiple causation?
In laws - asked by (Guest28790) - 3 answers
No help from the local council regarding parking problems in warden controlled cul de sac
In Public Highway laws, Abusive neighbours, General law - asked by turnbull557 - 1 answer
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