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Do you need a TV license to watch bbc iplayer?
In legal - asked by sheps101 - 2 answers
Can I take my house off an estate agents books?
In property, estate agents, legal - asked by (Guest520) - 2 answers
is this legal
In law, legal - asked by - 7 answers
What is the legal minmum age for people to have sex in the UK? Are there many prosecutions of breakers of that law?
In sex, legal, UK - asked by xoloriib - 3 answers
if a superstore puts down salt and it's more slipery than the snow, and you slip over, can you sew?
In law, legal, ice - asked by - 5 answers
Spelling Suggestion: Claimant sues a defendant for £28K for non payment of a debt, in High Court. Defednant sends in a defence but does not show up for next three hearings. A final hearing is now set late Janaury 2009 and I would like to know from the exp
In law and legal - asked by narendrakumar - 2 answers
Who is to blame if you get hit from behind in a car accident?
In law and legal - asked by (Guest30854) - 3 answers
who many penelty points do you get if you have 2 worm tyres
In law and legal - asked by (Guest30563) - 1 answer
trade in boat
In law and legal - asked by (Guest30468) - 2 answers
Is there a statute of limitations which applies to appealing against ancillary proceedings in a divorce?
In history, law, legal - asked by (Guest30465) - 1 answer
Advantages and disadvantages to legalizing obscenity (materials)?
In law, law and ethics, law and legal - asked by (Guest30473) - 1 answer
French 'Tribunal de Grande Instance' judgements. Are they valid for enforcement in UK?
In law and legal - asked by (Guest30453) - 1 answer
my name is not on the morgage with ex,equifax claims it has been paid,mortgage company refuse me any info.house being repossessed
In legal - asked by blondie087640 - 1 answer
how can a property be repossed if owner has paid of mortgage
In property legal - asked by blondie087640 - 2 answers
if i want to display a notice in public (on a public notice board) is there a l;egal requirement to display it in other languages other than english
In display, notices, legal - asked by high1971 - 3 answers
What can i do if i'm not happy with the surveyors report on the house?
In property, legal - asked by dudley.12 - 3 answers
what rights does the common law wife have with council houseing once partner dies
In law and legal, council housing - asked by - 4 answers
Car parking problem
In law, rights, legal - asked by rothers25 - 2 answers
another letter
In law and legal - asked by - 2 answers
How easy is it to draft a binding, legal disclaimer?
In law, legal, disclaimers - asked by duffield1 - 1 answer
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