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Is anyone up for a 'question-athon' just for fun?
In questions, Trivia quiz, marathon - asked by - 6 answers
Has anyone run the Edinburgh Marathon? If so how does the penning work? Do the fastest runners get released from their pens first and then the others or the other way around?
In running, marathon, edinburgh - asked by andrenalina - 1 answer
Why did I do it?
In sport, london, marathon - asked by - 16 answers
I planning to run a marathon in about a year or two. I am giving myself this amount of time to train. Can anyone recommend a good training programme to get me ready for running a marathon?
In running, training, marathon - asked by fi_sh - 4 answers
Would you sponsor me for the London Marathon?
In charity, marathon, cancer - asked by - 7 answers
Shouldn't Lance Armstrong rather try Triathlon if he's good at running too?
In Lance Armstrong, Triathlon, marathon - asked by hesselich - 1 answer
why were "marathon" bars renamed "snickers," and what does "snickers" actually mean?
In snickers, marathon, name - asked by - 4 answers
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