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If polygyny is one man married to several several woman, then what is several men married to one woman?
In marriages - asked by - 4 answers
Is there anywhere in Britain that offers weddings in your lunch hours?
In love, marriages, lunch - asked by Topaz2308 - 2 answers
What is the world record for marriages in non polygmus relationships?
In marriages, divorce, records - asked by Topaz2308 - 1 answer
What would you do if you knew someone was having an affair and you knew their partner was too?
In affair, marriages, cheating - asked by - 8 answers
how to find out if husband had an affair
In marriages - asked by - 3 answers
declaring former marriages
In legal, marriage laws, marriages - asked by (Guest29211) - 3 answers
birhs and marrages registered in albania
In births, marriages - asked by (Guest24400) - 1 answer
religion can a muslim man who is married 2 a muslim woman through an arranged marriage get divorced?
In Muslim law, arranged marriages, divorce - asked by (Guest18767) - 1 answer
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