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what was louis armstrong's middle name
In middle, name - asked by high1971 - 2 answers
Is bestiality a crime in Britain? What if the animal is dead?
In crime - asked by - 4 answers
If the Brit awards are all about celebrating singing talent how come most of the acts are miming (not even in time either)?
In music, singing, mime - asked by Topaz2308 - 3 answers
my eight year old daughter needs to find out what the Romans may have eaten for starter main and dessert at there dinner partys.
In history ancient rome - asked by (Guest31182) - 2 answers
Is there anywhere I can work out, or can anyone tell me how heavy a 13 gallon glass fish tank would be in pounds? (It's 60 litres in new money if that helps and the walls are, I think, about 5mm thick and measure 57x30x35cms). Answers in kg will be cussed
In Volume, fish tank, weight - asked by - 7 answers
is there distribution data on very high incomes eg top 1 %
In income - asked by (Guest31179) - 1 answer
How many personal home pages are there on the world wide web? Which companty hosts the highest percentage of them?
In home, page, host - asked by xoloriib - 2 answers
What's the earliest known crime organisation?
In history, crime - asked by vultan - 1 answer
What would be a way to measure the volume of a fist? Diagram required.
In fist, volume, diagram - asked by xoloriib - 1 answer
What is the most romantic date you've ever had? How long were you on it?
In romantic, time - asked by xoloriib - 1 answer
a driver went into the back of me and have reportyed to insurance company but he is dening it
In find a persons surname - asked by (Guest31155) - 2 answers
Are there any UK insects that bite and leave two puncture wounds like a snake bite?
In insects, spiders, bite me - asked by - 4 answers
is there a United Nations Plaza at Kew in london
In wifes name - asked by (Guest31108) - 3 answers
Have you tried the How secure is your home test?
In secure, home, test - asked by - 4 answers
cardinal watch help?
In watches, time - asked by shakyjakewoods - 1 answer
When do you think evening begins? Or for that matter, what do people mean when they say things like "I'll be there at lunchtime"?
In Time, definitions - asked by - 4 answers
If Jesus was killed by the Romans why is the Catholic faith is based in Rome?
In Religion, Rome, Romans - asked by - 3 answers
Why is the Church and other religous groups so against the showing of Darwins Tree of life, by David Attenbourgh on sunday ?
In church, row, programme - asked by - 4 answers
I have the opportunity to build my own house on some land we own but where do you start after planning permission is granted?
In building, house, home - asked by - 5 answers
Can Crime actually be prevented by using the probabilty of Numbers?
In crime, prevention, bynumbers - asked by athenabs13ohe - 3 answers
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