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Apart from oil what other mediums are available for painting? What are their advantages and disadvantages?
In art, media, assessment - asked by - 3 answers
Why do we know so little about the war in Afghanistan?
In afghanistan, war, media - asked by - 5 answers
Why did Hamish Wilson play Jamie in dr who: the mind robber?
In dr who, actors, media - asked by Gromithedog94 - 1 answer
Where is the archives of the Egyptian Gazette especially from 1948 to 2000 available?
In media, language, newspapers - asked by (Guest30765) - 1 answer
I have only seen the Director's Cut of the film Donnie Darko - is the ending of the original version the same?
In donnie darko, film, media - asked by scrabble123 - 1 answer
identify the laws and guild lines that affect day to day use of IT
In media - asked by (Guest30630) - 1 answer
Why do the media say, 'so-and-so dies', why not 'has died'? Does this irritate you? and what other headlines annoy you?
In general opinion, media, headlines - asked by - 6 answers
Disadvantges of media?
In media - asked by (Guest28550) - 3 answers
Id the media's presentation of the London Mayoral election fair?
In politics, election, media - asked by - 4 answers
Is the use of subliminal advertising illegal?
In Advertising, media - asked by Hiheels - 1 answer
In entertainment, media, television - asked by - 3 answers
Dawn Porter goes lesbian?
In sexuality, media, exploitation - asked by - 7 answers
There's a sign on the back of buses "would you run over this child" - obviously there are people who would, given the right deal? Do you think there's a place for ambivalent safety ads?
In adverts, media, standards - asked by Candy.DeRun - 3 answers
Is there a way, when burning CDs in Windows Media Player, to make it so there's no gap between tracks?
In windows, media, player - asked by vultan - 3 answers
If you'd had a torrid affair with a celebrity and wanted to cash in, to whom would you sell your story?
In media, celebrity, scandal - asked by - 11 answers
We all know it's unwise to believe everything we read in the newspapers but can we trust radio and TV news programmes?
In news, media, truth - asked by - 6 answers
Are people over 30 allowed to purchase furniture?
In Adverts, media, ageism - asked by - 14 answers
Please can someone help me. I am burning a cd for the first time and I need help....
In burning cds, help, windows media - asked by - 4 answers
In DVD media - asked by (Guest27079) - 1 answer
Are vinyl records still manufactured?
In music, media, vinyl - asked by justkeepswimming - 3 answers
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