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Is there anyway to bolster a thyroids function as mine is borderline underactive but at the moment it doesn't merit tablets and would try anything if it means no more tablets?
In Thyroid, underactive, medical - asked by - 4 answers
i have desired to get conceive next month,my period cycle length varies every month has 30,36,32,31,28,41 until now.Then what is my length of the cycle to calculate my ovulation time
In medical, pregnancy - asked by (Guest30048) - 1 answer
my period is regular but this month it is delay and also i have a light pain in my abdomen as if my period is going to start but not yet,i am scared.i am married and i had my sex before two day of my period,will this be a reason for my delay in period.
In medical - asked by - 4 answers
how to stop excess saliva
In health, medical - asked by sunny-90 - 1 answer
In medical, phychology - asked by - 7 answers
is there a permanent false toe nail?
In Nail care, medical, cosmetic surgery - asked by (Guest520) - 1 answer
Amazing Dissapearing Mole?
In mole, medical, body - asked by Sr2k5 - 1 answer
can radish leaf juice cause black stool
In medical - asked by (Guest29690) - 1 answer
which organs in and of the human body cannot be transplanted?
In organ transplantation, medical, health - asked by beeper_spryte - 3 answers
Why is a peanut allergy usually more severe than other sensitivities?
In alleries, peanuts, medical - asked by - 3 answers
Why do so many people in India appear to suffer from cataracts?
In medical, cataracts - asked by tecspec - 2 answers
Is there a wider incidence of Cleft lip/palette in the Indian subcontinent.
In medical - asked by tecspec - 1 answer
why am i getting numbness on the right hand side of my face
In medical - asked by (Guest29623) - 2 answers
In what situations would the NHS bring in a doctor from overseas to assist with an operation?
In health, medical, NHS - asked by duffield1 - 2 answers
What is the name of the pocket of air, in relation to sinuses, situated above your hard palate and behind the cheekbones?
In medical, sinuses - asked by sheps101 - 1 answer
will cocaine use show on a gamma Gt test
In medical - asked by (Guest29585) - 1 answer
why does stress interfere with the digestive process?
In stress, digestion, medical - asked by - 3 answers
How did i manage to fight off blood poisoning twice without any medical intervention?
In medical, medicine, hands - asked by - 4 answers
My daughter, who just turned one, has had an issue with her neck stiffening up and forcng her head to oneside since 3 months of age. The codition can last an hour at the least and two days at the most. There's no obvious reason what triggers it and
In medical, medical question - asked by JustAsking - 2 answers
what is making my daughter so ill
In illness, medical, mystery - asked by - 4 answers
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