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Who is the most recent US president to feature on US banknotes? And who do you recommend becomes the next one?
In money - asked by P-Kasso - 2 answers
How many women have had their portrait on US paper currency?
In money - asked by siasl74 - 1 answer
Britain's National Debt is now a stonking 2 Trillion Pounds. How heavy is that debt really if the truckloads of £2,000,000,000,000 if the notes are weighed in ten pound notes?
In money - asked by P-Kasso - 2 answers
Would you kill Winona Ryder for a million pounds?
In winona ryder, money - asked by - 10 answers
How do I find out from a credit report who I owe and how to start paying back what I owe.
In Credit, money, help - asked by kimberley240605 - 1 answer
In percentages how much more effective is the K glass double glazing compared to the ordinary double glazing glass? What saving could be made comparitively to the installation costs?
In double glazing, k glass, money - asked by Topaz2308 - 2 answers
when was the phrase in god we trust first put on us money
In us, money - asked by high1971 - 2 answers
is this enough money for the industry to hault joblosses and to help it recover
In taxpayers, money, car - asked by high1971 - 3 answers
What procedures are put into place after a credit/debit card has been cloned and the bank have frozen the account?
In Cloning, banks, money - asked by Topaz2308 - 1 answer
When was the first paper money used in the UK and what denomination was it?
In History, money, general knowledge - asked by - 3 answers
There was Talk about the Government asking the Royal Mint to make more money, why havent they followed through with this, to help this country get out of the mire we are now in ?
In Royal Mint, more, money - asked by - 4 answers
aircraft fuel is really really cheap. could a car run on it?
In cars, fuel, money - asked by - 6 answers
animal cruelty or just a bad idea of money making
In animal, cruel, money - asked by high1971 - 4 answers
Does the government have a bottomless pit of finance?
In money, economics - asked by - 5 answers
When paying a certain amount on a Gas/Electric bill can the company that supply you still force a Pre Payment meter on you?
In Bills, money, forcing - asked by - 3 answers
Should the pastor know what people give?
In church, money - asked by - 5 answers
Who decides who's picture ends up on english bank notes?
In money - asked by - 5 answers
How do bail payments work?
In criminals, bail money - asked by duffield1 - 1 answer
Watching BBC Sports wotsit has again made me wonder what our Olympic Golds are really worth?
In olympics, money - asked by rasputin1309 - 3 answers
If you get paid monthly and you get paid at the end of the month, are you entitiled to your pay early because of Christmas?
In money, wages - asked by tracieboo - 4 answers
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