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is a tens machine the same as an ems machine? can I use a tens machine for muscle build?
In fitness, health, muscle - asked by (Guest29296) - 2 answers
Why does the muscle in my left upper eyelid keep twitching?
In muscle, eyes - asked by minx_24.nik - 3 answers
my eye muscle right at the end of my eyebrow is twitching almost non-stop. what does that mean?
In muscle, eyes, medical question - asked by - 5 answers
What, other than cramp, can cause muscle pain?
In pain, muscle, not cramp - asked by xoloriib - 3 answers
What can be done about an irritating eyelid flicker?
In muscle, tic, spasm - asked by - 4 answers
online exercise help
In exercise, muscle, Strength - asked by andrewcmcardle - 3 answers
What's the correct form for a good bench press?
In muscle, working out, bench - asked by whiskeygirl - 1 answer
What is a muscle "knot" really?
In muscle, stress, massage - asked by roamwhereiwant - 1 answer
What is hte theory behind reflexology?
In reflexology, massage, muscle - asked by whiskeygirl - 1 answer
Where is the pectoralis major located in the body?
In pectoralis, muscle, anatomy - asked by aspergillus - 1 answer
Which muscles lie on the anterior abdominal wall?
In abdomen, anatomy, muscle - asked by tortilla_chips - 1 answer
What is the function of the pyrimadalis muscle?
In anatomy, muscle, pyrimidalis - asked by tortilla_chips - 1 answer
In which directions do the internal and the external intercostal muscles run?
In intercostal, muscle, lung - asked by bri11ant - 1 answer
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