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When you were a Child, what did you get told on who made Snow/thunder and lightening?
In weather, myths, children - asked by - 6 answers
Are the crop \'circles\' just too mind boggling for discussion? I\'ve found earthfiles dot com. The designs in Britain\'s grainfields are stupefying.IMHO
In science related, myths, outer space - asked by natwarmer - 3 answers
Does shaking and waving your hands about after putting on nail varnish make the varnish dry any quicker?
In nails, myths, general question - asked by - 5 answers
Is it true, or an urban myth, that the 3.5 inch floppy disk was designed to fit in a mans top shirt pocket?
In Truth, myths - asked by CGA - 3 answers
is it a myth that when you die, the last thing you see is stored on your retina?
In biology, eyes, myths - asked by - 5 answers
At what age did you tell your children there was no Santa Claus? (Sorry to spoil it for you if you are still a believer).
In santa claus, christmas, myths - asked by - 5 answers
What is mandrake? It is mentioned in both the Bible and Harry Potter as being something very special. I recently saw a weird foreign movie where the mandrake root was like a little baby, and had to be kept in a dish of milk.
In plants, legends, myths - asked by - 3 answers
According to the Poles, the month of August is under...
In myths - asked by osbertonbowls - 3 answers
Was there a case of a burglar successfullly sueing the owners of a skylight after he fell through it?
In urban myths, litigation, liability - asked by Candy.DeRun - 2 answers
I see the Planet Mars is warming up....
In global warming myths, astronomy, taxation - asked by - 6 answers
Scientist says cremation should meet a timely death
In weather, global warming myths, global warming - asked by cryptminder - 3 answers
Origin of the saying ""Beware of Greeks bearing gifts" ?
In myths - asked by - 3 answers
Is it possible that vampires do exist?
In vampires, myths - asked by - 5 answers
What would happen if you tied a piece of toast to a cat's back and threw it out of a window?
In myths - asked by - 8 answers
myths whitch way should an ornimental elephant face
In myths - asked by (Guest13425) - 3 answers
I need to find a myth that would account for things that people could not understand
In greek gods, myths - asked by (Guest13362) - 2 answers
What old wives tales to you know about how to tell the sex of an unborn child?
In children, myths, pregnancy - asked by - 8 answers
Did the city of Atlantis really exist?
In history, myths - asked by Connnector - 3 answers
Who destroyed the monsters Python and Cyclops?
In monster, myths, greek mythology - asked by ScyFi - 1 answer
What was the secret of Pandora’s box?
In greek mythology, myths, gods - asked by syphon - 1 answer
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