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what care do u do when a client is passing away in a care home
In nvq2 - asked by (Guest31176) - 1 answer
helpin a individual that cant move with pressure sore how would u move them
In nvq2 - asked by (Guest31176) - 1 answer
explain methods and ways of working that are effective when dealing with and challenging discrimination?
In care nvq2 - asked by (Guest30404) - 2 answers
what are the legal and organisational requirements on equality,diversity and discrimination when working with individuals ,key people and others
In care work nvq2 - asked by (Guest27686) - 1 answer
what different utensils/aids are avaible to assist individuals to eat and drink
In nvq2 - asked by fenncer123 - 1 answer
Microsoft Outlook
In nvq2 - asked by Ffluffy - 2 answers
Why some computer users may have difficulty in sending and receiving e-mails with attachments
In nvq2 - asked by Ffluffy - 3 answers
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