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why is it important to differentiate between fact and knowledge based opinions in records and reports?
In care, opinions, fact - asked by zwinger - 1 answer
Eager to get to school
In education, schools, opinions - asked by blacksmith81 - 1 answer
do you like flashing christmas lights on the the outside of houses?
In christmas, lights, opinions - asked by - 8 answers
As it seems likely that iQ will cease to exist soon, can't we go out with a bang, rather than just fade away and ask all those fun/opinion questions that we've held back from asking because they might be slightly against the rules?
In Questions, fun, opinions - asked by - 6 answers
When some one says they are going for a "retro look/feel", what sort of things come to mind?
In retro, design, opinions - asked by sheps101 - 3 answers
What is the most important day of the year?
In opinions - asked by - 10 answers
Is the Bermuda Triangle a hotbed of supernatural activity or just a series of random coincidences?
In sailing, opinions, Bermuda Triangle - asked by wrestlingfan420 - 3 answers
Have you ever flirted with someone, just for the fun of it?
In opinions - asked by - 14 answers
When answering opinion questions here do you presume that the questioner has already decided their own opinion?
In IQ, opinions, questions - asked by - 10 answers
What is the origin and true purpose of double decker buses?
In history, tourism, opinions - asked by - 2 answers
Deja Vu? Deja Vu?
In opinions, Deja Vu - asked by - 10 answers
Do you think that young people....
In relationships, opinions, longevity - asked by - 10 answers
On the back on vultans question about insults...
In Insults, opinions, meanings - asked by - 10 answers
For pet owners...
In pets, opinions - asked by - 11 answers
About presidential indiscretions?
In politics, opinions - asked by - 5 answers
What is worse, to think to much or to think to little?
In perception, thoughts, opinions - asked by - 13 answers
Why is it often easier to speak highly of someone to another than it is to the person you are praising?
In human nature, opinions - asked by - 4 answers
Can you work of your own initiative or do you always need gently coxed or pushed and shoved in the right direction?
In personalities, opinions - asked by - 5 answers
XBOX 360 issues? Anyone?
In opinions - asked by wrestlingfan420 - 2 answers
When you rate answers to your question, do you......
In IQ, opinions - asked by - 13 answers
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