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Can I turn off the annoying..."your one step nearer the next level notifier?
In prompts - asked by funrunna - 3 answers
Does any one have an Indesit washing machine?
In Machinery, washing, helpful prompts - asked by warriorprincessxena1 - 1 answer
where can i read transcipts for case 06-3-00012-6
In court transcripts - asked by (Guest26569) - 1 answer
Following from Flywheel's question, what is fuzzy logic?
In IQ, general knowledge, concepts - asked by - 4 answers
And what is the opposite, or antithesis, of logic? Is it emotion as Mr Spock used to suggest in "Star Trek" and if so, why?
In Concepts - asked by - 4 answers
What is the definition of Logic, in simple terns that I might understand?
In Concepts - asked by - 4 answers
Are there any little modifications or extras you would like to see on iQ?....More...
In helpful prompts - asked by - 12 answers
Is the concept of freedom space specific - a prison, a country, or a planet?
In concepts, freedom, liberty - asked by - 8 answers
What makes you start on a full-on rant?
In rants, anger, prompts - asked by - 9 answers
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