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Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! 15 men on a dead man's chest....
In parrots, pirates - asked by - 3 answers
What is the coating on the new tail feathers of our macaw?
In parrots, birds, feathers - asked by Funnydwarf - 2 answers
How do you train a cockatoo not to shout everytime someone leave the room?
In parrots, cockatoos - asked by NoisyParrot - 1 answer
Does anyone know anything about cage birds?
In parrots, health - asked by - 3 answers
What species of parrot make the best pets?
In parrots, pets, polly wanna cracker - asked by - 6 answers
What is the dimensions of a nest box for a Hans Macaw?
In parrots, birds, nest box - asked by NoisyParrot - 1 answer
Do Hahns Mini Macaw's make good pets?
In pets, parrots, macaw - asked by NoisyParrot - 1 answer
How long does it take to teach a parrot to mimic a word or phrase?
In parrots, speech, birds - asked by vultan - 2 answers
What is your favourite breed of parrot?
In birds, parrots, breed - asked by - 9 answers
do african gray parrits and guinie pigs get on?
In parrots - asked by (Guest24233) - 3 answers
Sick as a parrot.
In general interest, phrases, parrots - asked by Neko2 - 3 answers
Are there any interesting facts about African Grey parrots?
In birds, parrots - asked by - 6 answers
Serious question. Cockatoo just swallowed a pin, what can we do?
In parrots - asked by - 4 answers
Can anyone please tell me any parrot jokes? Or bird jokes generally?
In jokes, parrots, birds - asked by - 5 answers
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