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Can i place a mobile home in woodland?
In planning permission, woodland, mobile home - asked by - 3 answers
Are there an limits to the size of a porch before planning permission is needed?
In planning permission, porches, building regs - asked by Topaz2308 - 3 answers
If a piece of land is only authorised for agricultural use, can it be used to keep chickens? If so, does the stationing of a static unit for there shelter/ feeding etc constitute a change in the use of land?
In planning permission - asked by n1ovde - 1 answer
mobile homes??
In planning permission - asked by mumof1-bump - 1 answer
Do I need planning permission to rebuild a derelict old barn?
In Planning permission - asked by (Guest29694) - 4 answers
Planning Permission for Garden Outbuilding in Conservation Area
In planning permission - asked by klw - 2 answers
I would like to build a shed in my garden, how big can i build it before i have to get planning permission?
In building, planning permission, sheds - asked by (Guest29320) - 2 answers
Do you need planning permission to live in a static caravan on site while converting a barn (already with permission)?
In planning permission - asked by - 4 answers
What can I do with Amenity Land?
In amenity land, planning permission, crazy golf - asked by (Guest28703) - 1 answer
A man has hidden his new home for 4 years after not getting planning permission to build it, should he really knock it down as the council have asked?
In house, council, planning permission - asked by - 5 answers
The rooms in the house next door are rented out to individual tennants. The owner is building a one storey 'summerhouse' , more than 5 meteres from the main house, and I think he is going to rent it out also. Does he need planning permission for this?
In planning permission - asked by (Guest27483) - 1 answer
do you need to get planning permission for a mobile home
In planning permission - asked by - 3 answers
i am thinking of buying some land in the country and siting two static caravans on it, is there a way round doing this without the need for planning permission?
In planning permission - asked by - 4 answers
i have had a mobile home on my farm for 15 years it has got old so i have brought a newish one to replace it my land lord has heard about the new one and is saying i need planning perm for it?
In planning permission - asked by (Guest25432) - 1 answer
how to find out when planning permission was granted and what it was for
In planning permission, when, what for - asked by (Guest23783) - 1 answer
l would like to take my young child to live in the U.S. do l need permission from my ex partner . his name is on my sons birth certificate.
In children, law, permission - asked by (Guest22612) - 2 answers
do i require planning permission for a tennis court
In planning permission, tennis court - asked by (Guest22388) - 1 answer
I am going to Australia and what do I need to drive over there?
In Australia, driving license, permission - asked by - 4 answers
How long are developpers able to put restrictions on future development of your house?
In planning permission, development, restrictions - asked by duffield1 - 2 answers
How 'signficant' do changes to the exterior of your house have to be before you need to apply for planning permission?
In building regulations, planning permission, approvals - asked by - 4 answers
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