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What is the most painful piercing?
In medical, pain, piercing - asked by - 9 answers
How old do you have to be to have your belly-button pieced?
In piercing, age - asked by - 4 answers
Why do people have themselves pierced? Is it to stand out from the crowd?
In piercing, reasons, distinction - asked by - 4 answers
How did they pierce ears in ye olde times?
In History, ear piercing - asked by - 5 answers
Would this make you think twive before having a belly button piercing?
In body, piercing, danger - asked by - 7 answers
Would you support a law that required parental permission for underage body piercing? [see link]
In piercing, body, underage - asked by - 8 answers
how old do u have to be to have ur belly buton piced
In navel piercing - asked by (Guest21714) - 2 answers
i have my madonna pierced and really wana get my labret to, im worried it mite look to much on my face, what do you rekon. im not a goth im just a normal girl please help!!
In piercing - asked by - 4 answers
How long does it take for a clitoral hood piercing to close up
In sex, clitoris, piercing - asked by gilky1 - 2 answers
As part of an assessment, do piercings adversely affect your judgement of a person?
In piercing, taboo, acceptability - asked by - 9 answers
how long does a bellybutton piercing take to heal up when you take the piercing out?
In piercing, bellybutton, navel - asked by - 3 answers
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