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I have Phoenix Natural Gas and wooden flooring. When I turn the heating on the creaking from the pipes - flooring lasts for often an hour after the heating is switched off. Is this normal.What can I do to fix it?
In general, plumbing, diy - asked by BOBO174 - 3 answers
When were showers invented?
In history, invention, plumbing - asked by vultan - 2 answers
i have built 3 refurbished flats, building regs say i need sprinklers
In Building regulations, plumbing, builders - asked by og180 - 1 answer
can you tell me if there is now a legal requirement for different water pressure between the hot and cold flows through a tap for an elderly person?
In plumbing - asked by (Guest29251) - 1 answer
water supply to 3 flats
In building, plumbing, development - asked by og180 - 2 answers
whenever we run a hot water tap or have a shower once the tap or shower have been shut down we get a grown from the pipes for a time, any suggestions please?
In Water pipes plumbing - asked by - 4 answers
having problems heating the hot water cylinder on a gravity fed system has any one any sugestions?
In plumbing - asked by plumbman - 3 answers
Mixer tap stopped working...
In plumbing - asked by red-rover - 2 answers
I need to replace the diaphragm which allows the water to flush in my toilet cistern. Can anyone supply the DIY information? Either from their own knowledge or by a good reference site.
In plumbing - asked by PARRY22 - 1 answer
Where can I buy a toilet that is plumbed into the ground rather than an outlet pipe
In toilet, main sewers, plumbing - asked by (Guest23297) - 1 answer
i have an air lock in my water pump, but I cant find an air release valve on the pump.any ideas ?
In plumbing, pump, air lock - asked by (Guest21889) - 2 answers
When filling a system why would you remove the pump
In plumbing - asked by (Guest21319) - 1 answer
What is the etymology of the word 'stopcock'?
In etymology, stopcock, plumbing - asked by duffield1 - 2 answers
what side should a cold tap be on
In plumbing - asked by - 5 answers
a cylinder has a radius of 30cm and a lenght of 120cm. whats is approximate volume in liters?
In plumbing - asked by kellyboot - 1 answer
heat that travels in straigh lines between its source and body to be heated is said to be?
In plumbing - asked by kellyboot - 2 answers
when i turn on heating radiators upstairs scalding hot but cold downstairs and no hot water in kitchen.what would be the problem
In plumbing - asked by (Guest16613) - 3 answers
What is the best thing for unblocking drains? My upstairs and downstairs toilet keeps talking to me, they both keep making these weird gurgling noises and air bubbles appear in the loo. It was worse after I let the bath water out ...
In drains, plumbing - asked by - 5 answers
time served qualifications
In plumbing - asked by (Guest14817) - 2 answers
turning off hot water
In plumbing - asked by jimmyinoz - 3 answers
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