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what are the laws governing private right of ways
In law property - asked by (Guest31193) - 1 answer
Can I take my house off an estate agents books?
In property, estate agents, legal - asked by (Guest520) - 2 answers
If a mineshaft appeared in your garden, would it be legal to put a ladder down the hole to have a look around, and perhaps turn the mine into a 'feature' of the garden?
In mines, property, ownership - asked by duffield1 - 2 answers
What can i do if i'm not happy with the surveyors report on the house?
In property, legal - asked by dudley.12 - 3 answers
In law property - asked by (Guest29867) - 1 answer
i co-own a property the person i bought with didnt put anything to the deposit and has not paid any mortgage payments is he still entiliteled to half the house when sold?
In law property - asked by (Guest29469) - 2 answers
neighbour's right of way?
In law, property - asked by bisley - 1 answer
Guarantors on privately rented property.
In guarantors, renting property, Renting privately - asked by LauLau - 1 answer
why do you have to get references before renting a property?
In renting property, property references, wages - asked by LauLau - 3 answers
housing benefits, property references.
In renting property, housing benefit - asked by LauLau - 3 answers
I need to trace the ownership history of a bungalow.
In property - asked by (Guest28979) - 3 answers
unilateral notice
In law property - asked by - 4 answers
In law, property - asked by karen1685 - 3 answers
If a house is built on a cliffside, which then collapses into the sea, does the person who owns the house (and the land it stands on) then have any rights over that portion of the sea?
In law, property, land ownership - asked by - 3 answers
on my title deeds my neighbour should give me access through his garden but is refusing what can i do
In law property - asked by (Guest28502) - 3 answers
Is there a legal definition of the term "amenity"?
In property, law, definitions - asked by siasl74 - 1 answer
We have a covenant on our land thats says we can not put a caravan on the property,the covenant was made in 1920ish how enforceble is it,others in the street keep caravans on their drives.
In law property - asked by (Guest28232) - 1 answer
Has anyone sold the family jewels, because of the goldrush?
In hot property - asked by funrunna - 3 answers
We own a house next to a holiday park. The side and back of our garden run along the boundary of the park. There were a few caravans at the side, and a car park at the back untill a few months ago when the owners started to take the caravans away .
In property - asked by - 3 answers
If you were unable to purchase a property in today`s market,would you consider buying one with a friend or another family ?
In property, ownership, sharing - asked by - 10 answers
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