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what qualifications do i need to train to be a midwife?
In qualifications, general question, medical question - asked by del79 - 1 answer
Do you need to be working in a specific field to gain a NVQ in that field?
In NVQs, qualifications, experience - asked by - 2 answers
what does MNCMSOC stand for?
In qualifications - asked by (Guest28128) - 1 answer
do you have any faith in people completing NVQs/SVQs when you realise they've had most of their coursework posted on sites like this?
In coursework, cheating, qualifications - asked by - 8 answers
What qualifications does someone need to be a Designated Case Worker?
In law, DCW, qualifications - asked by imfeduptoo - 1 answer
what qualifications do i need to join the police
In qualifications - asked by (Guest24827) - 3 answers
If you are entitled to use letters after your name do you ever use them. In what instance would you do so?
In letters, studies, qualifications - asked by - 7 answers
jobs in catering
In qualifications, skills, qualities - asked by (Guest23718) - 2 answers
what level is a 240 point BA hons degree
In qualifications, degree - asked by (Guest22601) - 2 answers
how do i check out a school teachers qualifications
In qualifications, school, teacher - asked by (Guest20159) - 1 answer
What qualifications do you need to be an A-level Psychology teacher?
In Psychology, teaching, qualifications - asked by Alba726 - 2 answers
What qualifications do you need to do your job? Either now or to get it in the first place. (You don't have to say what you do if you don't want to of course).
In Employment, qualifications - asked by - 10 answers
If you were taking your A-levels, O'Levels or GCSEs again, what subjects would you take, and are these different to what you did take?
In qualifications - asked by - 7 answers
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