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Chicken legs and thighs....what scrummy suppers can i make with them?
In cooking, recipes - asked by - 7 answers
Do you know any quick and easy recipes for healthy main meals that can be prepared and cooked within 30 mins?
In recipes - asked by sheps101 - 3 answers
Call me daft but I thought Banoffee Pie came from a village in Scotland called Banoffee...who invented it?... and where does it really come from?
In food, cooking, recipes - asked by - 2 answers
What is Fourlined Tonguesole Rolls? I spyed them in the supermarket and they seemed such an oddity.
In foods, recipes - asked by Topaz2308 - 1 answer
how much water do you add to a tin of condensed milk 400g to obtain the consistency of ordinaty milk
In recipes - asked by (Guest30559) - 2 answers
How would I 'muddle' something?
In Cooking, recipes - asked by wrestlingfan420 - 2 answers
What is your signature dish?
In cooking, recipes, food - asked by - 10 answers
lasagne recipe
In food, recipes, chefs - asked by phreak_override - 1 answer
Remember Rum Babas? Prawn Cocktails are having a revival. Tiramizu is still on my menu. But Rum Babas? Why are they called Rum Babas? Anyone have a recipe?
In cooking, recipes, cordon bleu - asked by P-Kasso - 3 answers
Who invented Stargazey Pie?
In pies, cooking, recipes - asked by P-Kasso - 1 answer
is there a way to bulk out a smoothie without using banana?
In smoothies, recipes, bananas - asked by - 4 answers
Lamb and Apricot curry or tagine
In cookery, curry, recipes - asked by tecspec - 3 answers
I hate jelly. I love trifle. Anyone got a really toothsome 'jelly-free' trifle recipe they'd like to share?
In trifle, recipes, jelly - asked by P-Kasso - 3 answers
How do you make the perfect Rosti?
In food, recipes, potato - asked by - 4 answers
Apparently we are supposed to have 5 fruit & veg, 3 whole grains & 2 litres of water a day, how many different meals could be made only using them items in a recipe?
In recipes - asked by bikeman - 2 answers
I want to make some playdough for my son, but can't find a recipe that doesn't require cream of tartar. What is this stuff, and do you really need it?
In children, playdough, recipes - asked by icelandis - 3 answers
which came first, iced tea or iced coffee?
In iced tea, iced coffee, recipes - asked by beeper_spryte - 2 answers
Hi all, does anyone have a decent recipe for Tiramisu, which you have actually tried yourselves as I have tried many but none seem quite right? please forgive me if its mispelled as its been a long day :-)
In recipes - asked by hdtg - 2 answers
Another funny food combination question........
In food, cooking, recipes - asked by imfeduptoo - 3 answers
Poindexter asked a question about caraway seeds. I couldn't answer beacuse suddenly there was no answer field except for comments.Is this because the Q was closed?
In cakes, recipes, caraway - asked by - 7 answers
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