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I saw something today I thought was really nice, a remembrance tree, full of messages for our loved ones passed by, Let this be our very own remebrance board, leave a message for loved ones passed.
In remembrance, remembrance tree - asked by guest25011 - 2 answers
Remembrance Sunday: They fire a maroon gun. Why is it called a maroon gun?
In guns, militaria, remembrance - asked by P-Kasso - 1 answer
Did you take the time to remember today?
In sunday, remembrance day, remembrance - asked by - 7 answers
im 25 and lost my partner last year. it will be a year on august 4th and i want to do something special with our 2 girls to remember him by but i dont know what.Anyone got any ideas.
In remembrance - asked by - 6 answers
I know I should wait until a bit nearer the time to ask this question but my previous question made me think of it. I'll have forgotten it when the time comes.....
In november 11, remembrance, silence - asked by - 7 answers
I had some visitors from France at the weekend (French people) and they told me that every June 6th, in Evian, where they live, (I didn't clarify if it was everywhere in France) the film "The Longest Day" is shown to commemorate D-day. Do you think...
In remembrance, respect, caring - asked by imfeduptoo - 3 answers
What’s your mark?
In life, remembrance - asked by - 9 answers
As we Remember the Awful Terrorist attack 5 years today in America, What were you doing that day ?
In general knowledge, remembrance - asked by - 18 answers
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