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does magnesium burn more or less vigorously near the equator and why?
In science - asked by (Guest30684) - 1 answer
follow on from high1971's q. how and when will they adjust big ben to take the extra second?
In science, time - asked by agentju90 - 3 answers
where did the fresh water, that is the south pole, come from? How did it get there?
In history science - asked by (Guest30635) - 2 answers
what are flies good for?
In science - asked by - 5 answers
why do people and teenagers want abortions for ??
In history science - asked by - 6 answers
Are rainbows always the same size?
In science, nature - asked by - 4 answers
is there any scientific proof that getting your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks makes it grow faster?
In hair, science, physics - asked by - 4 answers
AS-Level Chemistry question related to moles
In science, chemistry - asked by sdgasdgadfh - 2 answers
what happens to photosynthesis
In science - asked by (Guest30330) - 3 answers
Stem cells and tissue rejection
In medicine, science, stem cells - asked by (Guest30288) - 1 answer
How would you get the gold...?
In fims, science - asked by siasl74 - 3 answers
a question about deepthought. when you think, do you "hear" the words in your head?
In biology, thought, science - asked by - 10 answers
Does drinking water in a hard water area provide a significant source of calcium for the human body?
In food and drink, Health science, drinking water - asked by seacommander - 2 answers
How high is 'space'?
In science, astronomy, physics - asked by MICHAELSCREEN - 2 answers
in which reaction carbondioxide is vigrously produced,vinegar and baking soda or nitric acid and calcium carbonate
In science - asked by yogesh_100 - 1 answer
name any reaction in which carbon dioxide is vigorously produced?
In science - asked by yogesh_100 - 1 answer
what is in the oregano that repels insect
In science - asked by (Guest30176) - 2 answers
How do manufacturers work out for how long an auto shut-off kettle should boil? They seem to stay on for a while, surely water's either boiling or not.
In Kettles, electricals, appliance of science - asked by - 5 answers
Are brake disks made out of Amorphous Ceramic?
In brake disk, engineering and science, materials - asked by (Guest30173) - 1 answer
What are your thoughts/beliefs about evolution?
In evolution, science, popular belief - asked by - 7 answers
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