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WHat are some advantages and disadvantages of computer models for weather maping?
In earth science - asked by sassiescas - 0 answers
Describe three ways scientists learn about past climate changes?
In earth science - asked by sassiescas - 0 answers
Why is it that the sunrise in two given spots in Sweden differ with 30 minutes but the sunset at the same given spots only differ with 1 minute during summersolstice
In science, nature, astronomy - asked by vanarot - 0 answers
Is problem solving models like STRIPS relevant to cognitive science?
In cognitive science, psychology, Artificial Intelligence - asked by lina.w - 0 answers
Have any satellites ever been hit or destroyed by a meteor?
In meteors, science - asked by cairina.moschata - 0 answers
Average medicine half-life?
In medicine, drugs, science - asked by westsidecity - 0 answers
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