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Does your music choice give an insight into your sexuality?
In sexuality, music, psychology - asked by - 9 answers
since when did your sexual orientation become a matter for employment forms ?
In sexuality, jobs - asked by - 7 answers
if homosexuality was illegal, what punishment might it incure?
In homosexuality, lifestyle, choice - asked by - 6 answers
What is your initial reaction when you see a homosexual couple?
In homosexuality, opinion - asked by - 19 answers
Guys... do you ever have fantasies about curing lesbians?
In sexuality, men, lesbians - asked by - 9 answers
Many people involved with female fashion are male homosexuals
In fashion, style, homosexuality - asked by - 6 answers
highly personal question. have you ever had a gay or sexual experiment with the same sex?
In sexuality, sex, experiences - asked by - 8 answers
As a species, do you think the human race would benefit from becoming androgynous?
In sexuality, love, reproduction - asked by - 8 answers
Dawn Porter goes lesbian?
In sexuality, media, exploitation - asked by - 7 answers
Is there a difference ?
In sexuality, incest - asked by - 6 answers
how did the term "friend of dorothy" come to mean that someone was gay?
In sexuality, expressions - asked by beeper_spryte - 2 answers
Why do some gay men feel they have to do that silly lispy voice? - and it's not just in English!
In stereotypes, sexuality, voices - asked by - 3 answers
Do cross dressers wear perfumes that are normally worn by the opposite sex?
In perfume, sexuality, pheromones - asked by - 3 answers
In perfume, sexuality, people - asked by - 3 answers
Do gay men notice such things as women's cleavage and bottoms?
In gay, sexuality - asked by - 5 answers
where did the expression "out of the closet" originate? why a CLOSET of all things?!
In homosexuality, phrases, expressions - asked by - 4 answers
what height men do women find most attractive?
In sexuality, height, men - asked by - 9 answers
When and why did the British become so (allegedly) coy about sex?
In history, sex, sexuality - asked by vultan - 2 answers
Should a gay comment achieve upto a seven year prison sentence when other more serious crimes get less? I don't condone any type of hatred but it is seems a little harsh by many prison sentences standards.
In Prison, hatred, homosexuality - asked by - 6 answers
How would you react if you were chatted up by someone of the same sex as you?
In homosexuality, gender, attraction - asked by - 9 answers
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