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Why is some snow good for building snow men and some not, it looks the same to the untrained eye but what makes it different?
In snow - asked by sheps101 - 2 answers
For those who cannot get into work (not work from home either.) Would they still get paid for not going to work, due to adverse weather conditions?
In snow, stops, work - asked by - 4 answers
A long time ago people wore clogs up north with metal studs on the sole, how did they manage in the snow which used to fall a lot more than it does now?
In snow, clogs - asked by cryptminder - 2 answers
Has this never been saeen before thing called snow caused you any problems?
In snow, weather - asked by - 12 answers
Who thinks we should all have the week off?
In snow, weather - asked by - 6 answers
How long does it take an average snowflake, in average conditions, to fall from an average-height cloud to the ground?
In weather, snow - asked by duffield1 - 1 answer
how deep does snow have to be for you to be "snowed in"?
In snow, snowed in - asked by - 4 answers
No buses,no tube trains....why does a little bit of snow cause so much chaos?
In snow - asked by - 8 answers
Whatis the highest level of snowfall recorded in the UK and where was it recorded?
In snow, records, weather - asked by Topaz2308 - 1 answer
Why are the roads so clear in this clip from Stephen Fry in America?
In snow, roads - asked by tecspec - 3 answers
How cold would it have to be for nitrogen 'snow'? Are there any planets in our solar system where it could happen?
In nitrogen, snow - asked by xoloriib - 1 answer
"It is too cold for snow" can it really be to cold for snow?
In snow, temperature, weather - asked by sheps101 - 3 answers
Why is hail stones alot bigger than snow flakes?
In general information, hail, snow - asked by Sapphire10 - 1 answer
Why do snow clouds look brown?
In weather, snow, light - asked by duffield1 - 3 answers
It is possible to preserve soft, fluffy snow in a home freezer?
In snow, preservation - asked by duffield1 - 3 answers
Where does the white go when the snow melts?
In snow, color - asked by - 4 answers
Why when I mention snow to the santa on my msn messenger does he think I am talking about drugs?
In drugs, snow, santa - asked by - 6 answers
What colour is snow? This question should be worth more credits before it closes
In snow - asked by - 3 answers
White Christmas
In white Christmas, snow - asked by cryptminder - 3 answers
do you get snow tyres in the uk?
In snow, snow tyres, weather - asked by - 4 answers
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