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Whatever happened to "Love thy neighbour"?
In society, law, civilization - asked by - 10 answers
Should we allow our society's endemic cynicism to continue?
In cynicism, society - asked by - 4 answers
what things, aren't illegal to do while driving, but should be?
In society, driving, technology - asked by - 11 answers
Jeanne's reminded me of a Q (cheers Jeanne!) Are dominant people less comfortable in groups than submissive ones? Are submissive people more sociable generally? Facts and figures would be good if poss.
In Dominance, submission, society - asked by Hiheels - 1 answer
How much progress have we made?
In progress, society - asked by - 3 answers
Supermarket vouchers
In society, culture, humour - asked by - 4 answers
Colouring competition
In art, culture, society - asked by MICHAELSCREEN - 3 answers
To follow on from Jeannes question regarding global food shortages, How much food do you waste in your average month? How could you reduce this and would you consider doing so as an act of social responsibility?
In wasteful, society, proactivity - asked by - 5 answers
Social Evils? What do you think?
In society, evil, ethics - asked by blacksmith81 - 3 answers
What if Neanderthals hadn't died out?
In humanity, society, coping with difference - asked by - 4 answers
Multiculturalism, myth or reality?
In Culture, naturalism, society - asked by - 7 answers
How would you like to see things improved for our growing number of pensioners?
In society - asked by - 4 answers
Woman in Arizona get 10 1/2 years, what do you think?
In society, cycling, law - asked by - 5 answers
What are the causes for homelessness?
In society, homelessness - asked by esse-est-percipi - 3 answers
Exactly, who are the P.C. brigade?
In PC brigade, general interest, society - asked by - 6 answers
Is it easier to make a baby, than it is to make a friend?
In society - asked by - 5 answers
How does human culture and society differ in your opinion?
In culture, society, structures - asked by Candy.DeRun - 2 answers
What is a DX address?
In law, society, Confusion - asked by - 6 answers
Is this a step too far in our 'surveillance society'?
In surveillance, society, big brother - asked by - 7 answers
From flywheel's question earlier -
In computer games, society, behaviour - asked by - 4 answers
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