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Do the lyrics, as sung by someone during the WWII era: \"We\'ll meet again,
In endings, sad songs - asked by - 5 answers
What are the best known children's songs in English? How often have you listened to them?
In children, songs - asked by xoloriib - 2 answers
What are the best known Russian songs? How often have you listened to them?
In songs, Russian - asked by xoloriib - 2 answers
Eurovision - do you think we stand a chance even with ALW running the show?
In eurovision, songs, music - asked by Russel.West - 4 answers
list songs with red in the title
In songs - asked by (Guest30772) - 3 answers
What is the meaning of the "Hallejuia" song?
In songs - asked by Maygs - 2 answers
what do the letters HMALHCIT stand for in a christmas song?
In christmas songs - asked by (Guest30740) - 1 answer
pop songs?
In Music, pop songs - asked by (Guest30546) - 2 answers
Who wrote the song "Perfect Word"?
In songs, artists - asked by sheps101 - 1 answer
song there's a chapel in the valley ?
In songs - asked by (Guest30567) - 2 answers
What was the most annoying song that you ever got stuck in your head ?
In annoying, songs - asked by - 14 answers
Did Timmy Mallett have more than Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny song to enter the charts?
In Music, Timmy Mallet, songs - asked by Topaz2308 - 2 answers
Are there any songs about a girl called Charlotte?
In names, songs - asked by - 4 answers
Normal or Special? : I can whistle improvised melodys/songs as long as I want, never repeating, never bad-sounding.
In music, melody, songs - asked by - 4 answers
What songs would suit a person's voice that isn't quiet, but not quite powerful to the Whitney/Mariah level?
In songs, voice, singing - asked by Maygs - 3 answers
who sings the coco chanel advert & whats the song called ?
In songs, lyrics, artists - asked by lauren-ashleii - 1 answer
"The Martians could land in the car park and no one could care " What lyrics have grabbed you attention and why?
In music, lyrics, songs - asked by - 9 answers
Does anyone anyone know of a cheeky song about a Geordie lad ?
In Geordies, songs - asked by Theminxy1 - 2 answers
can you find this song?
In songs, music - asked by sparky69er - 0 answers
What is the song for the new vodaphone advert. The one where the guy folds everything up and puts it into his pocket?
In advertisments, songs, vodafone - asked by (Guest29191) - 1 answer
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