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Looking for good soundtracks from (famous) movies
In soundtrack, sound, movie - asked by - 6 answers
where can i find the sound track to the micheal jackson thriller dance?I am doing the dance at my wedding for a joke but only want the background music to the zombie dance NOT the whole song,they have done it on youtube lots please please help me!!!
In music trivia, music videos, soundtrack - asked by shivs17 - 1 answer
Has the use of soundtracks in some adverts/films destroyed your enjoyment for that song?
In advertising, music, soundtrack - asked by - 4 answers
how much of the soundtrack to "dirty dancing" was made after the summer of 1963?
In music, soundtrack, film - asked by beeper_spryte - 1 answer
who sang backup vocals on "she's like the wind" by patrick swayze ?
In movie soundtrack - asked by (Guest26676) - 1 answer
What's the piece of music from the scene in The Matrix where Neo if fighting Morpheus in the dojo simulation?
In music, soundtrack, film - asked by tim.beasley - 1 answer
name of song and artist of the new E4 tv programme skins
In tv soundtrack - asked by (Guest10974) - 1 answer
songs title romeo and juliet opening
In soundtrack - asked by (Guest7649) - 1 answer
If they made a film of your life what songs (at least 10) would be on it?
In music, soundtrack, life - asked by - 7 answers
movies can you tell me the songs from silver strand
In soundtrack - asked by (Guest6247) - 1 answer
Is there a movie featuring David Gray's babylon? If so, what is the film called?
In Pop music, film, soundtrack - asked by maxbaker007 - 3 answers
What is your favourite film soundtrack?
In film, music, soundtrack - asked by - 18 answers
what is the name of the music at the last fight seen in Last of the mohicans?
In soundtrack - asked by (Guest1611) - 1 answer
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